WebJMX Tag Library Project

"Take control of your JMX Interface"


Release 1.2 is out. This release includes:

  • Change of license from GPL to the Apache License. No more "copyleft" licensing issues.
  • Refactored code out of the JMXAction Servlet to support a future Struts based example application
  • Verified that the example application runs on JDK 1.4
  • General bug bug fixes
  • Beginnings of UNIX support
  • Summary

    The WebJMX Tag Library is a project with the goal of producing a JSP tag library which allows any skilled JSP developer to produce a customized, branded, web based interface for JMX enabled "MBeans".

    The WebJMX Tag library intends to vastly improve the quality of user interfaces available to JMX developers compared to the HTMLAdaptor facility which is part of the JMX specification. The current HTMLAdaptor provides a simple data driven HTML interface for JMX MBeans which by it's nature is limited to the information which can coded into the MBean definition. The WebJMX Tag library allows a developer to create a sharp looking HTML interface for JMX MBeans without trying to code presentation logic into the MBean definition. The WebJMX tags also allows a developer to use MVC design principals in order to separate presentation details from business logic.

    It can also be a challenge for a developer to create a web interface for JMX MBeans that's branded for a particular company or client. With the JMX reference implementation doing that would require writing an entirely new HTMLAdaptor implementation and plugging the new HTMLAdaptor into the JMX system in place of the default one. That's a lot of work to accomplish a simple task. The WebJMX tag library allows a developer to create a branded HTML interface in exactly the way they would with any other web interface while being able to make the JMX calls necessary to manage and monitor their software processes.

    The WebJMX tags also allow a devleoper to write JSPs which interact with MBeanServers running in other JVMs on other machines. The WebJMX tags use a factory class to obtain references to MBeanServers. The MBeanServer references maybe running locally or remotely to the ServletEngine where the tags are located. The factory that comes with the JMX tags can easily be extended to work with any JMX implementation by writing a Java adapter class which implements the JMXServiceAdaptor interface. Sample adaptor implementations come with the project, including a new one for the MX4J project also hosted on SourceForge.



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